I'm David Cole.
I'm a Web Developer.

0793 22 777 99 · hallo@davidcole.info

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It's more than just building websites. I plan. I solve problems. I advise. I identify opportunities.

I coordinate people and liase with stakeholders. I never over-promise, but frequently impress with what I achieve.

I think I do it well, but why not look at my recent work and read what clients have said about me.


HTML5 · CSS3 · JQuery · responsive web design · Photoshop · Illustrator · Espresso · Coda · WordPress · ExpressionEngine · Lemonstand


Web accessibility · search engine optimisation · web standards · design for mobile · usability · cookie legislation · best practices


Project management · interpreting briefs · identifying functional solutions · problem solving · a superb eye for design


  • CTVC

  • Blackad

  • Curious Space

  • Vivid Echo

  • Steven Bonner

  • MoveJob

  • The Fifth Column

  • Julie McCaffrey

  • Energy Mizer

  • Daniel Hopwood


  • David is zealous about safeguarding the user experience and achieving the client’s goals. Since we first started working together in 2004, he’s solved every thorny design and technical puzzle we’ve thrown his way.

    The end result is always easy to use and beautiful to look at. It even keeps the procurement people smiling.

    We’re not quite sure how he does it; we’re just happy that he does.

    Alan Black · Director, Blackad

  • In addition to his considerable technical expertise, his passion for delivering a top end product means that the project is always taken that extra mile, benefitting everyone involved, from the client down. He's a personable guy whose project management skills are easily some of the best I've come across, and he has an obvious flair for people management and art direction, managing to convey briefs succinctly and clearly so projects stay focused.

    He's my first choice when looking for a digital partner as I know he'll give nothing less than his full attention and effort every time.

    Steven Bonner · Designer, Illustrator and Lettering Artist

  • Working with David is a great pleasure. The attention to detail is second to none, coupled with a keen eye for design – I always expect a high standard of work from David and he doesn’t disappoint. A talented individual, equally adept at running projects by himself or working as part of a larger team. I look forward to working with David on many more projects.

    Mike Sullivan · Creative Director, Mister

  • Your absolute professionalism and attention to detail, as well as the skill you have in your craft to consistently churn out high quality websites, are the stand out features to me. You set the bar extremely high – higher than a client could rightfully expect. Your passion, lateral thinking and ability to hit deadlines make the whole process a joy rather than a stressful chore. You always hit the ground running and really dig deep to understand the project.

    Nathan Geen · Director, MoveJob

  • It was clear, not just from David's portfolio, but from our first conversation he was the right choice to design my website. He has edgy, stylish and beautifully simple ideas. Vitally, he politely, diplomatically and firmly put the brakes on some of my own ideas which were less so. None of the other website designers I considered did this and were happy to be yes men, which would have been detrimental to my site's design.

    David promised I would have a website that placed me way ahead of other journalists. He absolutely delivered on all aspects and was always cheerful, friendly, punctual and ultra professional. His site exceeded my very high expectations. Feedback on my site, from fellow national journalists who are impressed only with the very best design and typographical work, was excellent.

    Julie McCaffrey · Freelance Journalist

  • Honest and accurate, David can always be counted on to deliver. He is knowledgeable, well read in his field and has first hand experience of the design process which make him very easy to work with. Top level communication skills and patience with clients new to digital make him a real asset on any project. Most importantly he can be trusted not to over promise or over spec, which is invaluable in a freelancer. I feel confident in saying that David puts his heart and soul in to anything he takes on.

    Samantha Spence · Managing Director, Eskimo Design